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Since 1930 – A state-of-the-art baking culture and family tradition spanning decades

HACK is a successful public limited company and one of the leading manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products. However, HACK AG is much more than that. We are a dynamically growing third generation family company with a clear vision to combine traditional baking craft and modern convenience standards.

When the master baker Karl Hack opened a bakery in Duisburg in 1930 on the day his first son, Harald, was born, there would not be any thoughts of system gastronomy, bakery shops or deep-freezing technology for a long time to come. He wanted to use his trade and love of baking to feed his family. That is why he made the leap to running his own shop in a time that was difficult from an economic and social point of view.

Even at that time, the name HACK stood for the finest quality baked goods. With a great deal of courage and entrepreneurial spirit, the sons Uwe († 1994) and Harald Hack († 2012) moved to Kurtscheid in Westerwald with their families and built a baked goods production facility there in 1967, the Gebr. HACK Feinbackwaren GmbH.

Peter and Thomas Hack, the sons, now run a successful family business with over 180 employees and this has been a public limited company since 2000. HACK AG is one of the leading manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products.

Under the umbrella of HACK AG, there are six subsidiaries that specialise in different business areas. They operate throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries. The company supplies the wholesale trade, food retail trade, system gastronomy and system hotel trade with fresh and frozen confectionery and baked goods.

HACK is both professional in and committed to supporting its customers in line with all the rules of the art of baking with high-quality products, constant re-inventions, training courses and seminars, sales promotion and specialist advice as well as presentation suggestions and shop concepts. Isn’t everyone on the lookout for the best individual formula for success!

The company philosophy "Appetite for quality" has always been of utmost importance right from the start and is always present nowadays in the form of the company slogan. 

An overview of the company details for you 

Karl-Hack-Allee 1
D-56581 Kurtscheid
Phone +49 2634 9660-0
Fax +49 2634 9660-40 

Montabaur district court
HRB 14091
VAT ID No. DE 208959788
Company headquarters: Kurtscheid 

Chairman of the board of directors: Peter Hack
Board of directors: Thomas Hack
Chairperson of the supervisory board: Margret Hack

A one-stop shop: the company group by HACK AG