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Gourmet Royal

Culinary Advent

For friends of refined indulgence.

The idea of GOURMET ROYAL was something that occurred to Peter Hack unexpectedly when he was able to visit the wonderful premises of the convent of the RD Gastronomy Group in Andernach for the first time a few months earlier.

This was intended to be a high-quality kitchen party, with fine delicacies, selected high-quality wines and various culinary temptations. And it was just that - an enjoyable afternoon in a unique atmosphere with around
100 business partners, friends, partners and customers were in attendance.

All three Michelin star chefs at the RD Gastronomy Group were partners, which is how the name GOURMET ROYAL took off. “At the first Gourmet Royal in Andernach, we, the RD Group, were able to present ourselves as part of the overall event. This was a great opportunity to present our Michelin star chefs Sarah Henke, Frank Seyfried and Christian Eckhardt and their artistry with food.

Our impression was that the people were good, the atmosphere was good and it was an all-round good start to the Advent period.” That’s the opinion of Kerstin Frank, Rooms Division Manager at the RD Gastronomy Group.

We would like to thank all our friends and partners who helped us to prepare and host this pre-Christmas event. Thanks to the very positive response, we will be giving our guests a “warm welcome to GOURMET ROYAL” again this year on the 1st day of the Advent period.

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