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Gastronomy concepts

Create a successful concept with HACK

Expert industry knowledge, realistic analysis, consistently current industry know-how, in-depth planning and motivated employees who have received good training in all fields of the business are the key prerequisites for long-term business success. We will provide you with support throughout all the stages of your company establishment and development: with the basic concept in the outset, with presentation and shop fitting, HR questions, advertising and sales promotion and the optimisation of processes and structures.

We are the industry experts by your side: from the initial shop idea to the store opening, from the  advertising strategy to business management. Our POS experts will provide you with comprehensive and individual advice.

Service - we design your success!

Working together with you, our concept workshop develops the perfect concept for your business idea: from location analysis, taking into account the economic backdrop, support with shop fitting, the development of own brands with all the associated packaging materials and advertising media and providing professional and sustainable training for your employees in all matters relating to system gastronomy. Profit from our success story. We are happy to pass on our “recipes” for success to you! Ensure you always get the best advice from BAKERY SOLUTION GmbH...

Range recommendation - valuable market experience prevents waste and spoilage

What should I offer my customers at what time of day. Avoid having to experiment here. Having the right range tailored to the customers and time of day right from the start helps to realise sales potential. We are happy to pass on the experience of over 2,000 petrol stations and stores to our customers within the framework of concept development.

Sales promotion - Make a great impression at the point of sale

Have you already established your brand name on the market and are you planning further promotional measures and offers? Do you want to approach the topic of sales promotion in a more professional manner? The our experts and designers will be happy to advise you on planning and implementing sales promotion measures. This includes planning offers, designing, printing and assembling advertising media, including shipment. Promotional items and sales promotion - all in your corporate design - a one-stop shop! 

You will profit from our food photo database with professional images of products, presentations and recipes.

Packaging material and other own brands - your concept name to get to know and take with you

“You will be judged by the company you keep”: this wise saying exists for good reason. And this wisdom is subconsciously hidden behind the use of appealing and practical packaging materials. The right sizes and right purpose of use, especially for warm snacks, are often key factors in the decision to make a repeat purchase. We develop the packaging design and the packaging range, we handle procurement and manage stock levels. Tableware is important too. Eating on-site, spending a short amount of time in the bistro is becoming increasingly possible and therefore so is the customer’s wish to have a sophisticated snack. We manage the design of porcelain plates, cups and saucers for you.

Concept handbooks - if you don’t write it down, you’ll forget!

Use the opportunity to set out your concept standards in writing in a concept handbook. We don’t mind whether you need this in a digital format for the internet or you prefer to have a hard copy version. Employees want to see things written down with pictures so they can repeat the steps. This provides people with confidence. We summarise sustainable and effective information for you about the range, product management, preparation, finishing and goods presentation, as well as food hygiene and the HACCP concept. The HACK handbooks provide you with all the basics, tips and tricks to read: simple, detailed, practical. All the content is based on our many years of experience in concept development and sales promotion.

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Shop fitting - hardware made to measure

We provide you with expert industry advice in designing and developing your bistro. In cooperation and close collaboration with our long-standing shop fitting partners, we develop and realise the right concept for you on the basis of location analysis and the potential that is expected, including bakery corners, bakery shops and bistros. It is the purpose of your facility, not its size, that is most important. In this regard, we profit from having created over 400 bakeries ourselves. Our priority is your individual requirements.

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Market development - A great image and customer focus

Are you planning to develop your own brand? Brands make things more memorable for customers and link your good service with your brand. BAKERY SOLUTION helps you to choose the right brand name and develop an image to go with it. Lots of brands that have already been developed are successfully established on the market. Your logo and the name of your future concept form the basis for all further marketing activities. This includes the design of work documents and sales promotion measures, packaging materials and planning the shop fitting.
Our graphic design department provides you with complete solutions.

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