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The best sustenance for your day with HACK

Our range fulfils all your guests’ wishes: HACK bread, bread rolls, sweet and savoury snacks provide a rich selection of enjoyable treats from breakfast to your midnight snack. We provide controlled premium quality for when you’re really hungry or just want a snack.

The range spans from savoury and rustic to heavenly and sweet. All of our products are always adapted and aligned to the needs of our customers. We have had an understanding of and have been analysing market requirements and trends for over 80 years. 

The items are convenient and fast to use - perfectly tailored to your processes. All the items are packaged so that they can be removed individually and are labelled clearly. This is how we guarantee that you can maintain an overview of your stocks and use products in a targeted manner.  

Our bake-off products have been perfectly pre-baked. They are deep frozen straight away and only supplied once they have passed the strictest of quality standards. Into the oven! After a short baking time, everything will be fresh and crispy and smell amazing in your display. 

Taste our passion for baking and make our recipe for success yours too.

A one-stop shop: the company group by HACK AG