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Baileys Cream Cake - 41246

Baileys Cream Cake


Cream mixture with original Baileys flavour on fluffy chocolate sponge cake. Decorated with crispy chocolate balls sprinkle, chocolate cream piping, light-coloured Baileys cream rosettes, icing with Baileys flavour and a marzipan layer with "Baileys" print.

Convenience level ready-to-eat
Package contents 8 pieces
Pallet element / package 72
Piece weight 550 g
Defrosting time 4-5 hr.
Storage time during refrigeration 24 hr.
Diameter 18
Additive Item not in central warehouse, minimum purchase quantity upon request. We are happy to provide you with further information at any time, should you have any questions.
Baileys Lava Cake - 19010

Baileys Lava Cake


Succulent chocolate sponge cake with finest Belgian chocolate and liquid centre flavoured with Baileys after heating.

Convenience level fully baked
Package contents 12 x 2 pieces
Pallet element / package 112
Piece weight 90 g

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