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Basic products

Strawberry vanilla sponge slices - 40181

Strawberry vanilla sponge slices


Light-coloured sponge cake with layers of strawberry cream and vanilla cream. The product is perfect for further toppings and decorations, just as you wish.

Convenience level ready-to-eat
Package contents 8 pieces
Pallet element / package 36
Piece weight 875 g
Defrosting time 6-8 hr.
Storage time during refrigeration 24 hr.
Diameter 28.5 x 18.5 cm
Base with Bavarian cream - 40748

Base with Bavarian cream


Crunchy shortcrust with layers of raspberries, redcurrant jam, sponge and Bavarian cream. The cake base has a diameter of approx. 18 cm and can be decorated and topped with fresh fruit, for example.

Convenience level fully baked
Package contents 9 pieces
Pallet element / package 35
Piece weight 380 g
Defrosting time 4-6 hr.
Diameter 18 cm
Butter crumble (unbaked) - 40629

Butter crumble (unbaked)


Unbaked and loose butter crumble for further processing.

Convenience level UG
Package contents 1 piece
Pallet element / package 96
Piece weight 3500 g

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